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Craftivism - crafting for a cause

beading charity craftivism creating crochet products

Through the pandemic and moving, I haven't been able to really be involved as much as I'd like.  Heck, I've thought about getting involved in our local HOA, if that tells you anything.  I'm working on me (shout out to my therapist), and part of the way I'm doing that is by getting back into giving back. Some of the items you'll find here at The Artificer's Archive allow me to give to organizations when you buy them. Currently, those items and their respective organizations are: Sunflowers for Ukraine - half the price of every sold item ($2.50) goes to...

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Favorite Beading Books

beading beadwork books reviews

A few of my favorite beading books.

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Christmas in June!

beading christmas gallery ornaments works in progress

Getting ready for the holidays... in June?

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Gettin' crafty with it

about me beading crochet favorites reviews

Some more of my favorite things, this time with a crafty twist!

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