Christmas in June!

beading christmas gallery ornaments works in progress

Christmas ornament Here in Hampton, Virginia, it's hot.  And muggy.  What I'd really like to being doing right now is sitting on the beach, toes in the water, maybe even a beer in my hand.  But, that's not the responsible, adult thing to do, is it?  Especially when you run your business just like that... a business.  So, here I sit, beads spread out everywhere, working on... Christmas ornaments?
That's right!  Christmas ornaments!  In June.  In 80+ degree weather with stupid humidity (grumble grumble).  Why, you ask?  In the next few months, my fiancee and I will be moving (again).  Which means we'll be packing, unpacking, and renovating during the time when I should be building up Christmas inventory for the gallery.    
Let me tell ya, this weather is NOT conducive to making ornaments.  And unlike my best friend and fiancee, I'm not one to bust out into Christmas music months and months early.  It's not that I don't like the holiday - I love getting together with friends and family.  I love the lights.  I love the decorations.  I just haven't been collecting Christmas village buildings like my fiancee.  Who is already hoarding styrofoam so that he can carve scenes for his Christmas village.  Think about that, y'all.  This artsy fartsy, crafty chick is marrying a dude who is also crafty.  There's SO MUCH STUFF to move.
Ahem, I digress.
In the past, I've made ornaments, mostly Victorian, some for the area in which I lived in Kentucky (a beaded bourbon barrel and a beaded log cabin quilt square).  But ya know what?  If I've learned anything during the pandemic, it's that I want to create more of the things I like.  So, in addition to traditional ornaments like the one pictured above, I'm gonna bust out some different ornaments, inspired by the beach, the steampunk movement, even movies like Beetlejuice.  A little different.  A little weird. A whole lot of me.
As an aside, most of these beaded beauties will be headed to Blue Skies Gallery.  If you do see something posted that you like and want on Facebook or Instagram (before I start holiday stock at the gallery in October/November), give me a holler and we can work something out.  Otherwise, if you're in the Hampton area, head over to the gallery and check out pieces by myself and the other artists there.

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