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Lever-back pearl earrings

When I had my previous storefront almost two decades ago, one of the options I tried to keep available was clip-ons.  I realized recently that I still have all of these pierced-look and post options still available, but haven't been offering them. So, let's fix that!

When you're checking out, there's a note where you can add a note to the seller (that's me).  If you'd like your earrings changed to clip-ons, just enter a note there and I'll take care of it at no extra charge.  However, if there are studs that you'd like converted, please send me an email at jama@artificersarchive.com as that does take a little bit of work to make happen.  I can put together a custom order for you and send you a direct link to the item!

And for those of you who, like me, have gauged ears, you also have options!  My ears are only gauged out to a 2g, so I can often wear French earwires and pop a large back on, keeping them snug.  There are also kidney wires and lever backs, which I will be ordering more of soon.  And then there's my favorite hack - silicone tunnels.  I usually just keep my tunnels in and can wear an earwire between the silicone and lobe.  They're secure enough that I don't wear a back on them unless I'm planning a day on the roller coasters at Busch Gardens!

If you're in the Hampton, VA area or have a lot of pieces that you'd like to have converted and don't mind shipping them, I can take care of that for you!  Drop me a line and we can work out the logistics!

Adorn those ears!


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