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Life has been a bit hectic lately.  In the last few months, lots of family have come to visit, we took a short staycation while some family was in, I discovered I'm a total beach bum... and I got married!  

Alan and I have been engaged for a while, with people asking off and on as to when we'd actually tie the knot.  We had some extenuating circumstances, plus COVID, and we just kept saying "we'll do it when the time is right."  

Well, you know what?  If you keep thinking like that, the time is never going to be right. And he and I should really know that.  We met 27 years ago in college and had been best friends since.  The kind of friends that you might not talk to for maybe even a year (distance, life, etc.), but we always were able to pick up like no time had ever passed.  Turns out we'd both had feelings for each other but had never really said anything.  We've both been married, had kids, divorced, and had been there for each other through it all.  

So, yeah, we got tired of waiting.  While his brother was here and we were at the beach, he lost his engagement ring (yes, I'd bought him a ring).  He jokingly said "well, I guess I just need to replace it with the real one."  We looked at each other and he continued "next week?"  So, I looked into what we needed to do and we got our marriage license.  At the circuit court office, the lady asked if we had a date set.  We said "today, if someone can do it."  They don't do it at the court house in Virginia (boo), but we grabbed a card of a marriage commissioner here in Hampton, called right after, and made an appointment... for the next morning.  He had to work on base, I had to work in the gallery... so he left work, we met at the office, got married, and then both went to work.  We're so romantic!  But seriously... we just got tired of waiting.  Life is short and we're not getting any younger (so says my back).

So yeah, I missed a blog post last week because life happens.  And I love it.

Side note - two of my pieces I entered into the Fire Mountain Gems contest have made it to the next round of judging.  I'm off to finish up a custom order, get it and the necklaces packaged and run to the post office.  

Life is short, but life is good.

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  • Momma on

    I love you and that guy you married.

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